The Youth and Ecological Restoration Program helps vulnerable youth build healthy community relationships with both the human and natural worlds. 

Through restoring local watersheds with community members, youth gain a sense of worth, belonging and place.

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WKotilla_frontpage_picYER provides youth aged twelve to eighteen with one-on-one work experience, training and support. Through ecological restoration work youth learn social, communication and community building skills that will support them in becoming confident, respectful and productive members of our society.
Wendy Kotilla created YER based on experiences from her own youth when she was constantly outdoors, surrounded by the healing powers of nature.  She has a Restoration of Natural Systems Diploma from University of Victoria, and Negotiation and Mediation Certificates from the Justice Institute of BC.  Her experience includes over twenty years in the fields of both Ecological Restoration and Restorative Justice.

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YER-_Goal3c_FrontpageRestoring Forests

Planting native trees and shrubs in local watersheds provides habitat and protection for fish, birds and many other species.

YER-_Bird_FrontpageBird Care

Caring for sick and injured birds includes creating natural habitat so that they can feel more comfortable during their recovery.

Counting Salmon

Every spring juvenile salmon migrate down our rivers to live in the ocean and then return as adults to spawn in the place they were born.

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