• He was proud of himself and I was proud of him and I learned more about the program and how it can benefit the kids we have today. It builds community; I think that’s huge. I think that kids have a sense of community and how community supports them. How important it is to have other adults in their lives that they can trust and look up to. I learned that this work makes a huge difference to the kids, the community and the environment, and they are building their value system. (YERI Participant #199)


  • The only thing I can say is I was impressed with the enthusiasm and him coming home in a good mood. He spoke highly of you. The way you were interacting with him, you didn’t treat him like a child. Your eagerness to explain and talk to him on his level, it was just amazing. You actually talked to him like he was a human being and not a child. Anybody that can get this kind of enthusiasm out of him, then kudos to that person. Thank you so much for what you did for my son. (YERI Participant #228)






  • YER II
  • “I wish there were more programs like it. It gave him a sense of accomplishment to do the tour; I think it boosted his self esteem. It gives him an opportunity; it makes him feel good about himself. Its people like you who make this world a better place for people like him.” (YERII Participant #11-145)
  • “I think that he came out of his shell even more than the first one and that was reflected in the way he took charge showing us through the forest. I witnessed his respect for the water, the creatures he was involved with and the outdoors. What he reflected at the end was awareness of the great outdoors. They were in their glory sharing the outdoors in a very respectful way. They also had a real connection with those that were there with the program. I saw teamwork and cooperation, very visible. It gave him a peaceful mind and state. This is all part of learning, but he did it with joy. He had a joyful journey.” (YERII Participant #20-203)