Data Collection Methods; Working with Tools; Worksite Safety; Job Variety; Good Work Ethics


  • “But it was not all fun and games counting fish, safety always comes first on the river; the strong current and deep water posed a hazard and reminded me to always be mindful of my surroundings and always to operate in a safe manner.” (YERI Participant #104)
  • “The variety was good, it was all different things, and some things were harder. Some of it was hard to do and some things I didn’t really want to, but it was good I did. The thing where I scooped the fish out of the water. When I pushed myself to do things, I learned it was good.” (YERI Participant #120)
  • “This program helps kids learn more about their community. You work with experienced people and learn to do more hands on work rather than sitting inside a classroom. It’s definitely more of hands on experience to work outside with people that have a lot of experience doing it. It’s better than sitting inside and looking at stuff and saying this is what you do, when you actually get to go out and do it yourself.” (YERI Participant #213)