Meaningful Participation and Empowerment; Commitment, Respect and Responsibility; Patience and Endurance; Accomplishment, Self-confidence and Success


  • “I learned responsibility, how to be responsible when you do something that you say you are going to do and you do it right and you are responsible for your actions, you are responsible for what you do.” (YERI Participant #73)
  • “I learned cooperation, listening, patience, work experience, understanding, and getting involved in more things. Keep up the good work and have a smile on your face – have a positive attitude and thought. It made me feel better about how useful I am, less doubtful because it inspired me to think I can do more instead of just sitting around.” (YERI Participant #203)
  • “It was good, I like the good vibes and how happy everyone was. It felt like I definitely did something good today. I learned more today than I did any other day in school and my brain doesn’t hurt.” (YERI Participant #215)