Public Speaking and Leadership; Active Listening and Engagement; Interpersonal Relationships


  • “It is a relaxed way of learning. It feels tingly sometimes when you learn something after and you find out what it means and is cool. It was actually a good discussion learning, a good way of learning. You asked me something and reviewed it a bit later – it is a more patient and gentler way.” (YERI Participant #35)
  • “It was empowering; it was awesome; it was epic. The way they reacted, they listened, they learned, and they weren’t completely and utterly rambunctious. I’m not deathly afraid to talk in front of anybody anymore.” (YERI Participant #140)
  • “It feels pretty good to finish the program. It was a good experience. I feel kind of smart because I completed it. I never knew I could actually speak in front of people because that was the first real presentation I did. I feel confident in myself when I was speaking and when I was done the presentation I felt confident afterwards.” (YERI Participant #158)