Second Shamanistic Gathering and Conference In Finland from August 11 to 14, 2022

by | May 9, 2022

“ECOLOGY TRANSFORMS YOUTH" Mielikki Kotilainen (Wendy Kotilla) has been drawn to nature for shamanistic healing and guidance throughout her life in Canada. Since the age of four, she has gone to rivers for solace. Nature rituals include witnessing eagles bathing and listening to ancient forest wisdom. Mielikki has engaged in Native American sweat lodge, bathing and Sundance ceremonies for over twenty years. Her ancestors came from Kivijarvi and Tampere in Central Finland.

Shamanic Gathering in Finland - Shamanistinen kokoontuminen Suomessa

Työpaja / Workshop:


This workshop shows a video of youth being healed and empowered through creating nature connections and restoring ecology. This experience is inherently shamanistic as they build and deepen their relationships with nature. This video is followed by more teachings of the Youth and Ecological Restoration program, and an interactive discussion with the audience. It fits into the whole gathering by demonstrating a method of bringing the younger generation into a spiritual relationship with the Earth.

Connecting vulnerable youth with the healing powers of nature is portrayed through “Ecology Transforms Youth”. The 35-minute video follows several young people as they journey within the forests and rivers of the Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada. This passage into nature shifts their worldview and opens them to seeing themselves as belonging with the vaki or life force that exists in everything. Youth and Ecological Restoration ( was created to give youth opportunities to restore the health of their community watersheds. The vision is to engage the youth in a wider circle of community with the human, natural and spirit worlds. Through healing the Earth, they heal themselves. This presentation will show the video, and then lead an audience discussion of the program details, stories and words from the youth.

TULE mukaan! – JOIN us!

This is an open invitation for all those interested in traditional shamanism, reviving old practices, core-shamanism, practitioners of shamanism, urban shamanism, shamanic cultures, and indigenous knowledge and healing. Please join us, especially you who are surrounding the Baltic Sea, this Eastern Sea. Please join us from further afield. All are welcome!
You are welcome to attend. You are welcome to present a workshop, ceremony, lecture or lead a discussion. Bring your shamanic beauty, knowledge, stories, songs, dances, wisdom, ceremonies, handcrafting and tool making to HubFeenix, Raasepori, Finland August 11-14, 2022.
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Shamanic Gathering in Finland - Shamanistinen kokoontuminen Suomessa