• “Working with different people and learning different things about collecting data and different fish and being a leader instead of a follower. Pretty cool having lots of people listen to you and blow them out of the water. Some of those big words I said on the tour, like impressing people and helping people, it helps them learn about the environment. I guess I impressed myself by how I remember all the stuff.” (YERII Participant #6-103)


  • “We did quite a bit of work and raised awareness of the place, so I feel like we have done some good. At points there were a couple that said, be calm, speak up. The people on that tour were supporting me as much as you and Ian, everybody was supporting me; it was amazing. If I can deal with thirty people listening to me, I can deal with one. It definitely raised my confidence.” (YERII Participant #18-183)


  • “I felt good and it helped me in a way I can’t explain because it’s really hard to. It’s really hard for me to work with people. It’s hard to work as a group. It sort of made me stronger. It made it easier for me to work in a group, the decisions and stuff that we all agreed on. Decision making and being included, it makes me feel better about myself.” (YERII Participant #21-223)