Wendy Kotilla – Founder

Wendy Kotilla created YER in 2004 based on her own youth experiences of being constantly outdoors, surrounded by the healing powers of nature. She has a Restoration of Natural Systems Diploma from University of Victoria, and Negotiation and Mediation Certificates from the Justice Institute of BC. Her experience includes thirty years in Ecological Restoration and Restorative Justice. She received the UVic 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award for the YER program.

Photo taken by Viable Options Photography.


Masters Greenway Youth Led Tour

Masters Greenway Youth Led Tour

The public is invited to a youth led tour of Masters Greenway on July 5th at 12:00 am. Tour participants will learn about the natural history and human impacts on the park. Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) and Youth and Ecological Restoration (YER) have partnered to identify and map sites in the park where overuse and invasive species are causing negative effects. Biologist, Tanis Gower will lead the 2022 YER Phase II research project, guiding the youth and providing a final report for the CVRD.

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The YER vision is to engage youth in a wider circle of community relationships, in both the human and natural worlds. Involving them with meaningful work and caring adults supports them in building self esteem and has the ability to transform their lives. In YER, youth travel a journey together with their community and experience a better relationship with the people and place called home.